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  • For use with GEN X-3 and GEN X-4 heated apparel
  • Coax plug battery cord: connects between vehicle's 12V power source and heated clothing; 20" L and includes dust cap
  • Coax switch cord: connects between battery cord and heated clothing for single-output on/off selection; 30" L (expands to 45" L)
  • Dual coax switch cord: connects between battery cord and heated clothing for dual-output on/off selection (e.g. controls jacket and gloves separately); 22" L power cord with two 14" L output cords; features LED on/off display for both switches
  • Male coax to two female coax splitter: connects to battery cord and splits to allow connection of two separate articles of heated clothing; 5" L
  • Male cigarette lighter plug adapter: connects between heated clothing and cigarette lighter plug; fits large (auto) or small (BMW, KTM, Triumph, Victory and Ducati) outlets; 5" L
  • Female cigarette plug adapter: converts the battery cable to a female cigarette plug outlet for charging of cell phones, etc.; 5" L
  • Female coax panel mount cable: provides neat-looking water-resistant outlet for your 12V powered accessories; has a female coax outlet on the exterior side and a 20" wire with male coax plug on the interior to be connected to under the seat 12V power source
  • SAE to coax female adapter: converts GEN-X battery cord or battery tender SAE lead to female coax; 5" L; adapter should not be used to power glove connection points
  • SAE to coax male adapter: connects the output wires of GEN-X temperature controller (single or dual) to other brands of clothing with SAE connectors; connects GEN-X gloves to other brands of heated jackets with SAE glove connection plugs coming out of the sleeves; can be used in front of GEN-X battery cord for connecting your battery chargers with a SAE plug connection
  • Y glove harness: connects between battery cord and heated gloves or glove liners for use without heated vest/jacket; 42" cord runs from battery cord and splits into 31" L and 45" L glove connecting cords
  • Snap on/off glove harnesses: connect heated gloves or glove liners to the heated vest; sold in pairs; 35" L
  • Extension cables: heavy-duty extension cables extend power output location of small battery cord output to the front of the vehicle; useful for connecting GPS or other 12V accessory near the handlebar

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Coax plug battery cord - 
product # 2130-0072
Coax switch cord - 
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Dual coax switch cord - 
product # 2130-0080
Male coax to two female coax splitter - 
product # 2130-0074
Male cigarette lighter plug adapter - 
product # 2130-0075
Female cigarette lighter plug adapter - 
product # 2130-0076
Female coax panel mount cable - 
product # 2130-0109
SAE to coax female adapter - 
product # 2130-0077
SAE to coax male adapter - 
product # 2130-0110
Y glove harness - 
product # 2130-0078
Snap on/off glove harnesses - 
product # 2130-0079
Extension cable, 25” - 
product # 2130-0111
Extension cable, 40” - 
product # 2130-0112
Heated visor male RCA to female coax and female RCA - 
product # 2130-0139